Platforming is a new class in Vriendenland based on Platformers from the 90,s

it is a class of speed and strategy, and can outrun alot of characters while attacking them unexpected in the back!

Attacks Edit

You can make your own attacks with this, but the most known are:

The tornado spin/Tailspin: Edit


Tornado Spin

The tornade spin is when you spin so fast that you can break thro objects and creatures! this is a simple, yet powerfull and fast attack!

you can even boost that attack if your character has a tail! in that case the tail will hit the target too, and that doubles damage with 25% (since each part of you that hits the target gives with 25% to the totaly damage the attack gives) this is called a tail spin attack


Tail spin attack



SpinDash: Edit

the spindash is just like the tornado spin, but then in another direction!

this attack will disable the tornado spin since it will tackle the target.

but beware! if the tail spin is used, it will smack the spindash uncontrolably away! also, you get easy smacked and launched into diffrent directions uncontrolably when they hit you on your left and right sides, also when your beeing reflected with a reflect shield!


Homing attack

Homing attack: Edit

the homing attack does a medium of damage, but its easy to dodge attacks and keep attacking at once!

Tumblr mu07i9D5tF1qk08j9o1 250

Belly Flop

Belly Flop: Edit

the belly flop is an powerfull attack! but for that you need to get above the enemy!

Other attacks: Edit

there are plenty of other attacks: including lasers, Boosting and much more!

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