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Create your own character, make up your own back story and play ahead! Your story comes from your imagination. Use the character creation to change your look, pick a weapon (or not) and go on the adventure of YOUR dreams

Kingdom Life 2 is een middeleeuws Kingdom RP, in een fantasie wereld. het is deel van Roblox


1.You can't roleplay as a God,Goddess,Demi-God And Demi-Goddess.You're not allowed to be invincible and you can't kill someone within a few hits,when they don't have a chance to fight back.

2.No serious Online Dating.Roleplay partners are allwed,But no kids whatsoever.

3.No Random Attacking.Do not attack someone uneless you have a valid reason to.You can be kicked for this,so pay attention to it.

4.No hacking.If anyone sees a hacker,report it to me or an admin[Megecool,Crazypaul963,Thelolguy301]

5.No Admin.Don't ask Administartors for admin.Admin's not invloved with the gods.If you do,you will be kicked.

6.Follow The Rules.Even if there is no admin in game,if anyone consistantly breaks rules,and if 3 peoples report him,he's temporarely banned for two weeks

Play fairly,don't bully eachothers and make the game fun for everyone.

~Kingdom Life ll Wikia



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